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10 Question Interview: Pepper Pepper

Q1: What's your biggest source of inspiration?

Pepper Pepper: My biggest source of inspiration is nature. I get inspired by wood, stone, water, clouds, leaves, etc.  Others have called my art a 're-interpretation' of nature. I love the outdoors and get most of my inspirations from the grass, the flowers, the trees, the hills, the lakes, the mountains and the fresh air. For my character portraits, I get inspired by stories I read and imagining what the characters look like. I enjoy reinterpreting what I see, what I touch, and what I experience.

Q2: If you could have houses in 3 places, where would they be?
PP: Italy, Alaska, Colorado - in that order.

Q3: What's your dream vacation?
PP: First and foremost, my dream vacation would be to go back to Venice. But as to places I have never be near the beaches of Hawaii or deep in the Brazilian rainforest.

Q4: What's your favorite song right now?
PP: I am a huge Mary Black fan. I also like Tracy Chapman, Luka Bloom, and Janet Klein (1920's Vaudeville music). My favorite song right now and always is 'Summer Sent You' by Mary Black.

Q5: What's your favorite all-time book?
PP: I have read all the Mrs. Murphy Mysteries by Rita Mae Brown. I will pick 'Wish you Were Here' - the first in the series 1990 - as my favorite.

Q6: Do you have a favorite artist?
PP: Georgia O'Keefe. I am fascinated by her life and her work. She is one of those rare artists whose work and life are both interesting and compelling.

Q7: What are 3 things you can't live without?
PP: Apart from my loved ones, my laptop (sadly), my sanity (it fluctuates) and a crossword puzzle book.

Q8: Do you prefer cats or dogs?
PP: I am a big animal lover. In fact, I am a vegetarian because I am an animal lover. However, I am not a big cat fan. Better yet, I really, really love dogs more than I do cats.

Q9: Where did you grow up?
PP: Miami, Florida

Q10: Besides being an artist, what is your number one skill?
PP: Speaking, communicating. Not that I do it great, but I do it with a passion (and an accent). 

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