The cold night air has gone away

Now sets in a brand new day

Morning sun it's time to rise

Shine your light and wake the wise

The morning glories commence to unfold

On the ground lay the withered and old

Cardinals begin to sing

Beautiful songs of love and spring

The air is filled with morning delights

Is hard to believe there was once a night


A circus of clouds parading
as usual on indigo nights
The jazz bands were playing
to the majesty of the lights

One hundred faces awed and still
watching the waters dance
waiting for the thrill
to run and take the chance

The awnings were crying
full of tears, full of laughter
Would the rains ever stop
Would there ever be an after

A crowded street of expressions
all looking towards the sky
wondering if the rains would stop
Would the earth ever be dry


Go to sleep tonight

Close your eyes knowing

The heart may be at rest

But dreams are ever flowing


When I can no longer see your shadow

I feel I can no longer cast one


I am a man simple and complex

A volcano of happiness and laughter
A river of emotions that rusts and reject

I am the grapes crushed by the winemaker
Forgiving and understanding
Making sweet wine to mend the spirit

I am the candle that warmth the reason
Powering my heart divine
Illuminating my path and existence

I am the leaves in the autumn season
Ever changing colors and shapes
Never denying their existence

I am a brushstroke of a million colors
Painting bright hues and kind words
All that I bring to this world

I am an artist of joy and integrity

Inspired by the light of the sun

And the sadness of the moon

I am me and will continue to be me


The winds howled

But she never noticed

Sarah stared out the window


Would there ever be a summer

Like the summers when she was a child

Would the clouds above her head

Ever part

Would she know freedom, true freedom

From what she could not remember

She went for a walk in the park

But never left her home

Sarah spoke with relatives

Who had long been gone

And sometimes she laughed with them

But most of the times

She cried

Sarah couldn't remember why

But she remembered the summers

When she was a child

On Monday she remembered


Your eyes saw what I couldn't see

And you described it for me


The rose and the thorns on the stem

The sky and the bluest a blue

The sun and how it brightens the day

The moon and how she outlines the night

The sea and her mighty waves

All creatures great and small


I was caged by blindness

but you set me free


I heard a love note from the sea

A gently whispered breeze

And I blushed

Thinking it was for me

But it was not

This love note was for she

She who lights the sky at night


How embarrassed I became

So I ran and hid behind a tree

Then an apple fell on me

No doubt

I thought

A love note from the tree


Among the dreams

Settling on my pillow

After a melancholic night

Are the aromas and petals

Of this man's journey

Peppered with memories

Faces and voices

Of People I have met

And their influence

On my heart

On my soul

On my life


(Thank you for the dreams)



Pleading whispers

Bleeding in the night whispers

Never heard

And often refused

A helping hand



Blank faces

Tears filled wrinkled faces

Nameless people

On life-long missions

To a new world



Torned families

Crossing-the-border families

Wandering victims

Searching oppotunities

For a better life


Man-made borders

Egoistically guarded borders

Guarding the abundance over plenty

That no longer has worth

Once the soul is gone

© 2019 Copyright ©pepperpepper