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Official SKetchbook Project Artist

I signed up to be part of the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project. I am excited that my sketchbook arrived. Now I have to get busy creating in it. I have to return it by February full of sketches, artwork, photographs, etc. It will be at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York and it will travel throughout the US in the Art Bookmobile for visitors to see.


With over 50,000 sketchbooks from 30,000 different global creative people, we have grown over the past 14 years to be the largest collection of sketchbooks in the world. We have reignited art careers, inspired first time creatives and even helped a few marriage proposals. We have connected long lost friends, sparked creativity in young minds and created a space for art to live on, indefinitely.

We are more than just a project. We are a slice of global creativity. We are an inside look at what people are thinking. We are an archive, a library, a source for endless inspiration.


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